Hi! My name is Aakash Lakshmanan.


I am in my second year at the University of Oxford (Balliol College) studying physics. Above is me on my first day!

This site is simply where I share interesting ideas I have or come across while exploring the wonderful fields of mathematics and physics. I also post lecture notes I write from time to time and (eventually) my own research. Currently, I am working on superconducting quantum computing at Northwestern University.

A short note on why this site exists.
Often, the hallmark of understanding a topic is the ability to teach it. Writing a post on something I find interesting forces me to patch up all the misunderstandings I had, whether I knew they existed or not. Explaining any concept step by step warrants understanding it completely and fundamentally. In that way, the site also helps me profoundly as well. Following this philosophy, I also write lecture notes for some classes I take in university if I feel as though the ones provided are not adequate and I post these as well. In general, I think this is good advice to follow and I encourage anyone reading this to try it as well.

If you find something really awesome you want to discuss or just want to contact me for whatever reason, you can email me at aakash.lakshmanan@balliol.ox.ac.uk. Hope you enjoy!

Here is a picture I found on the Oatmeal to make you happy (it’s a physics joke). 😀

Also, a highly recommended video:

One thought on “About

  1. Manny Chaudhari May 25, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    Its individuals like you that inspire others to be great! The creation of this website is a true attestation that your passion and love for math/physics comes straight from the heart. Stay hungry for knowledge my friend. Its a beautiful thing.

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