The following is a collection of books I recommend studying from to learn physics and math. You can click on any of them to be linked to where you can buy it.

Easy to understand book that comprehensively covers calculus of variations, a very useful tool in mathematical physics and various other related fields.


Amazing book that is great for an introduction into physics covering extensively topics like mechanics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, relativity, bose-einstein statistics nuclear physics, atomic physics, particle physics, optics, and cosmology.
A mechanics book with that incorporates multi-variable calculus, Lagrangian mechanics, special and general relativistic mechanics, and very advanced problems.
A electricity and magnetism book that incorporates multi-variable calculus, complex considerations of regular concepts like AC currents, relativistic electromagnetism, and many advanced problems.
A quantum computation and information book that extensively covers topics of the field like quantum gates, coherence, entanglement, operators, circuits, etc.
The Feynman Lectures are a collection of lectures given by Richard Feynmann on topics throughout all of physics explained in a very elegant manner covering content from mechanics and electromagnetism to quantum mechanics. They come in 3 volumes.

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