Greek Functions

It’s interesting that each letter of the Greek alphabet has a function so I just decided to list them here for fun! It’s interesting to see how many are actually are related. Note: these aren’t functions that are just denoted by these symbols. They are functions which are named after these symbols

Alpha function

Beta function

Gamma function

Delta function

Zeta function1

Eta function2

Theta function

Iota function3

Lambda function

Mu function

Nu function

Xi function

Pi function

Sigma function4

Tau function

Phi function

Chi function5

Psi function

Omega function

1 Technically is any function that can be defined by infinite sum of powers but this is most common one (Riemann)
2 Another type of eta function also exists (Dedekind) but this was chosen due to its close relation to Zeta
3 Iota function set is set of all functions ever described
4 Technically called divisor function, sigma function assumes
5 There also exists a Legendre Chi function

If you want to learn more about any of these functions or see where I learned them from, refer to Wolfram Mathworld

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