This is just a page of a bunch of random things I find cool. Click on the pictures to learn more about them.

This is called Tupper’s formula and what it actually does is amazing. It takes this equality and for any two numbers x and y and if it’s true, plots that point. If you do this, you actually find that the formula graphs itself. In fact, it graphs every single possible arrangement of 17 x 106 pixels. Notice how it says N on the left. Well this is in fact a very large number because this function graphs each possibility on top of the last. To find out what the N for whatever drawing you want is, click here.
This is an interactive inforgraphic provides one to explore our universe from the smallest of quantum foams to the largest of superclusters. You can zoom in and out to see our world at all orders of magnitude.
A bird that can balance perfectly just on its beak. It has weights in its wings that allow for the mass to be redistributed such that the center of mass is right at the beak. It is actually really fun to play with.
This is just a different version of the game 2048 but with transfinite cardinals in set theory! It is much harder and the final square to reach is called 1=0 which references a contradiction that forms out of creating the “largest cardinal” or the Reinhardt cardinal. Try it!
John Conway’s Game of Life is a sort of simulation that has cells that grow over time. Based on their initial configuration, they can develop in a various amount of ways and the beauty of it is both the chaos and order it creates in its systems. It is really fun to just mess around with and see what kind of different systems can be created.

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