Image may contain: Aakash Lakshmanan, smiling, standing and outdoorHi! My name is Aakash Lakshmanan and I am a third year physics student at the University of Oxford (Balliol College). The purpose of this website is to act as a sort of repository of my exploration of physics, mathematics, and any other academic interests I have. Below are links to the different parts of the site or other things I wanted to share. If you want, you can also email me at aakash.lakshmanan at .

Overview of Front Page:

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My CV: Lakshmanan_Aakash_CV

Activities: I am also president of the Oxford University Physics Society and a representative on the Physics Joint Consultative Committee for the Oxford Physics Department


Other than simply relearning, I think, by far, the most effective way to really dig down into a subject is to teach it yourself. As a result, I try too write lecture notes every once in a while which are linked below. Note though that there is no particular reason I chose these subjects. In fact, I tend to choose subjects I don’t like as much to write about so I can push myself to learn it. Some are part of unfinished PDFs of which I have only included relatively polished sections.

  • My incomplete notes on for an Introduction to Scattering Theory
    • Incomplete in that I haven’t included all the sections I wanted to but the ones I do include are generally polished enough to be used but of course needs more detailed review.
  • Appendix C Flows
  • Optics Review for First Year of Oxford course: Optics
  • Waves lecture notes for Oxford course: Waves (<– in severe need of updating and generalizing for outside of course)

Some answers I wrote for previous exams in Oxford (yes, this is allowed). Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

I started a blog in high school to talk about interesting things I came across. Unfortunately, I’ve only made 1 or 2 posts since college has started but you can still view them here. You can also view the list of all posts in this directory.

I also find that each new subject warrants a search for the appropriate text so I have compiled a list of my favorite books for various subsets of physics in Resource Recommendations.

Academic Interests: Currently, I’m particularly fascinated by the use of quasiparticles in a lot of mesoscopic condensed matter problems. Generally, they are used to model local excitations in , various systems, some simple cases being the treatment of solid excitations as bosonic vibration quanta (phonons) or looking at electron-hole pairs in semiconductors. They have made their way however into many interesting situations like the fractional quantum hall effect, topological defects (skyrmions) in spin systems, or unlinked sites in dimer models. The most interesting aspect however is that they behave like particles in more ways than locality; they can be assigned charge, spin, mass, momentum, and even scattering cross sections! They truly are very real particles. In fact, even “fundamental” particles are only excitations of their own underlying field. The quasiparticles’ robust adherence to this particle formalism is what I find especially compelling. The perhaps most interesting aspect is that they can also take on exchange symmetries which means, in 2D systems, you can realize particles of any exchange phase! This leads to some extremely interesting topological quantum field theories like, for example, Cherns-Simons theories. I hope to eventually pursue a PhD that works closely with these and related ideas.